Monday, January 01, 2007

December 31, 2006

Happy New Year! Oh Seven is just around the corner. I can hardly wait to hear all the gunfire from the idiots that live a couple of streets behind me. Maybe I'll get lucky and they will have moved!

Quite a bit has happened since my last entry here. First and most important, my new grandson, Gavin, is wonderful! My son and his wife and Gavin were here the first week of December and that's when we celebrated Christmas. My father was so proud to hold his first great grandchild. He held him for most of the 3 hours we were there the first night. I have to say this being a grandmother thing is terrific. I don't feel any older just because I have a grandchild. Holding him in my arms definately gives me a feeling of great love and pride. Love for my son and pride in what a great father he is. I just wish I lived near them...I'm in Texas and they live in Hawaii...on Kauai. Maybe I should be planning my retirement.

Last December, I left the healthcare field. I just hit a brick wall and experienced burnout. It didn't help that I didn't enjoy the work any more either. I tried my hand in the 'private sector' and found I just wasn't the Executive Administrative Assistant type. We parted in October. In the meantime, I made the decision to make a huge change in my life. (No...not a sex change!!!) I decided to apply for a position in the Foreign Service...a branch of the State Department. I'm waiting to hear from them now and the holidays have definately affected the speed with which they respond! This would mean selling my house, my car, most of my furniture and who knows what else. It would mean training in Washington DC and then an assignment somewhere in the world where there is an embassy. I'm ready for that kind of change and I'm not good at playing the waiting game. Now that the holidays are over, I expect an email...a snailmail...a phone call...ANYthing! Ack...I wish I had more patience...wish me luck!

That's all for now. It's going to be a quiet night at my house tonight. Who knows, maybe I'll be somewhere exotic next New Year's and I'll make up for this one!

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