Sunday, July 03, 2016

Week One in Brunei

It's been almost a week since I arrived in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.  I endured the 16 hour flight from Dallas to Hong Kong with no real bumps or bruises.  Well, my hind end was a bit weary of sitting for that length of time but it got over it.  The empty seat next to me was a welcome sight.

Bandar is much like Hawaii. I hear the same bird that I hear on Kauai in the morning but the frogs are a different story.  At night frogs, somewhere, make noises like a go cart track.  The first night, that's what I thought was nearby because of the noise!  But after talking to a few people, they told me it was the frogs.  I've been told that the frogs I hear at night are big enough to eat the bull frogs, so I can only imagine just how big they are.  After all, Brunei is on the island of Borneo and mostly rain forests.  Snakes call Brunei home, so I'm not straying far from civilization!  I googled snakes and Brunei (and Borneo) and seems there is every variety possible here.

So one week of the 21 weeks I will be here is in the books.  I hope I'll have lots of adventures to write about with pictures. After all, I'm just a 2 hour flight from so many cool places and I hope to visit a few of them!

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