Sunday, November 10, 2013

Suggestions... many have asked me just what they can send me in a care package.  I have come up with some suggestions, light weight, inexpensive and readily available.  But first, let me take this opportunity to say that so many are serving overseas and would love this kind of gift.  I remember once reading an Ann Landers column that gave an address for Care Packages for those serving overseas.  With the holidays coming, it would be wonderful for them to receive a small care package also. Perhaps the Red Cross knows of an organization who can get a box of goodies to others serving at hardship posts around the world.  I don't know if it's possible but it certainly would be nice.

OK, here are a few things that would put a smile on my face....and  again...thank you so much!

I have no Christmas decorations.  :(
Any scents are great! Now that it has cooled off, they might arrive in the same shape they leave!

Chocolate...need I say more?

 We have mosquitoes here and Dengue fever is common. 

Red and black "Red Vines" licorice and jujubes...naturally!! (Target has both the licorice and jujubes.) :) 

For some reason, Italian seasoning is just not something sold in Pakistan!
Thanksgiving and Christmas are this for stuffing!

Great snack!

A mainstay for me...makes great chicken fajitas!

I threw away my last old wooden spoon...and who can't function without a wooden spoon?

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