Monday, April 16, 2012

My New Photography Blog

This blog is and will continue to be a running commentary of my life as I travel through it.  I decided I also wanted a blog to just post photographs. So today I created a second blog for just that post my photographs.  You can find it at  I'll still be writing here but will use the other site to post just photographs, with maybe a comment as to where the shot was taken.  I hope you'll visit it!


lit-photography said...

Being a photographer is expensive but if it is you truly dream of, it’s not bad. Facial emotion is the key, but in the eyes of ones person you could tell a whole lot of story by a mere glance.

Debi said...

I do understand how capturing the message in a facial expression, along with other beauties of nature. Hopefully, I can rise to the demands of the job and be successful in capturing those special moments. Did you go to my photo blog?

Anonymous said...

Color, Light, Gesture. That's what i was always taught. and facial expression, feeling, certainly falls into gesture. good luck with the block

Dallas Architectural Photographer Les Wollam

Debi said...

Anon, thanks! I love special lighting (and capturing it) and my pictures of the Muscat Festival are all faces. I'll be posting some shots of the Royal Opera House in Muscat. The light was terrific for the shots! Your photography is beautiful!