Friday, April 08, 2011

Faces of Oman

Recently I attended the Muscat Festival here in Muscat, Oman. This is an annual event that celebrates the cultural differences among the many people of Oman. It brings together the different tribes of Omani people in celebration of their cultural heritage. It was also a wonderful opportunity for anyone who, like me, love photography. All of the diverse cultures are showcased in dance, traditional costumes and food.  I'm grateful for the opportunity that my job affords me to be exposed to different cultures and customs and getting to learn about Oman's rich heritage is a bonus.

For those of you in the Foreign Service, if you get the opportunity to bid on Muscat, Oman, go for it!  It's a wonderful place with terrific people and great regional travel opportunities! So what if it's 120 degrees 7 months of the year...we have great air conditioning and the diving is great.

The children were beautiful....

Handicrafts were being demonstrated throughout the event.  This lady is making baskets.

Photographers were everywhere on this night, and every night.  This festival is a representation of all cultures and tribes that make up Oman.  It is an annual event and I will definitely attend more than just one night of this month long celebration in January 2012.

This man was amazing.  During the entire demonstration by the entire group, he wandered around, with wonderful looks on his face and even balancing the tip of his sword on the tip of his finger...without drawing blood!  The costumes and faces of this group was wonderful.

The man below was all smiles and wanted to talk. When I asked him if I could take his picture, he said "Of course" and proceeded to give me this look. After I took his picture, he laughed and said "I hope that's a good picture!"  


Nomads By Nature said...

I'm so glad they were able to hold the festival this year. Last year it was canceled due to H1N1 concerns/issues. Love the photos of all the faces. It was a wonderful "visit" back to a great post.

Did you try the "smack bread?" (sticky dough a lady will smack onto a skillet until it's all covered, then cracks and egg and smears along top til cooked then folds it up into a square for eating! YUMMY!)

Debi said...

I did hear that it had been cancelled last year. I will tell you this...I plan on going several nights next year because different groups came each night of the month-long festival. I only went once and after seeing the photographs in the paper, I decided I didn't see enough in just one evening.

Caitlin said...

These portraits are so beautiful! I think you have a second career here. And the colors! Wow.

Debi said...

Thank you Caitlin! The Festival is an amazing month-long celebration of cultures and that means lots of colorful regional dress. I do love photoghraphy and would love to earn some spending money along the way. With forced retirement in 2014 I'm looking for ways to supplement my income! If I build up an inventory of photographs from all over the world, that might be a start!

Acme Lax Man said...

MY Dear !,

You have somehow ~captured~ the essence of these people you photographs ! My god ! I am moved.
fantastic. Thank you !

peace and happiness

Debi said...

Thank you! I really enjoy capturing faces with my camera and this was a perfect opportunity to share those faces with you.