Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hugo Chavez, Butt Out!

I wish I could say those words to that good for nothing low life. But I can't so I have to settle for writing it on my blog. Today the demonstrators showed their true colors and began destroying people's property. A bus was burned, restaurants were destroyed, windows were broken in their path. Why? Because that's what protesters do when led by people sent from Venezuela to get them all pumped up. What do they care? It isn't their country. It's not their fellow countrymen who lose their jobs because buildings are burned to the ground. A 15 year old who was vandalizing a car or business was shot by the police because he would not stop. Windows are broken out, people injured...and for what??? It has been reported that $3 million dollars was brought into the country and exchanged for Lempiras on the black market. This money is being used to pay the demonstrators. They came from all over the country to participate in this and for what? Probably around $150 each. They could care less whether Mel Zelaya ever returns to Honduras! They came for the payment. That's what happens in a country where 80% of the people live on about $1500 a YEAR. The will do just about anything for money.

On my way out of the embassy today, I was commenting to one of the Hondurans who work at the embassy. They are, by the way, the best people to work with. I told her I just couldn't wrap my brain around the reason for the property destruction. Her answer was...they want to create chaos. That's so true. Create chaos and nothing else. Their actions aren't helping Mel's return to power. Their destruction of property is only serving to cause more economic hardship on people here, who are already the poorest of the poor in South and Central America.

I just wonder when Hugo Chavez will arrive on his white stallion promising to raise everyone from the depths of despair...caused by who? I'm praying that this little country can find a way to survive this storm and fight off the attempts being made by Chavez.


Tambopaxi said...

Hi, Debi,

I just saw a posting in Bloggings by Boz which says that the Micheletti government is constantly attacking anti-Zelaya media sources in Honduras. I'd like to rebut this. What's your sense as to what is currently the most objective, comprehensive source of news on Honduras at the moment? thanks, regards, Tambopaxi

Debi said...

Comprehensive source of news. Hmmm. I tend to go to the Wall Street Journal, AP or to another blogger, La Gringa. She scours the news sources and seems to be the most savvy when it comes to this. I respect her opinion. The papers here in Honduras are either for Zelaya or for Micheletti, so both will be biased. Do a search on blogger for La Gringita's Blogicita.