Sunday, August 09, 2009

Another Calm Before Another Storm?

Speaking of storms, before I comment on how calm it is here in Tegucigalpa this beautiful Saturday, I need to reach out to my son, his wife and my 3 adorable grandsons in Hawaii. I hope the hurricane is down to a mere tropical storm by the time it reaches you and produces nothing more than some great waves for surfing! I love you!

OK, as I said, it's nice and calm here today. My gardner came today so everything is just beautiful in the front and back yards. Another couple of birds have decided that the inside center of my miniature palm tree is the perfect place for a nest and I've been watching them bring twigs and bits of string as they construct their new home. They are smart little things...once again, the opening to their oval shaped nest is to the wall so seeing into it is tricky. It looks like a ball of twigs but somewhere in there, there is an entrance. I see them coming and going. Can't wait to hear little chirps.

Now, back to the calm before the storm. (I get distracted so easily!) News sources here in Tegucigalpa have reported that the Red team (pro Zelaya people) are going to have a huge demonstration here on Tuesday. Currently, there are marches across the country, numbers of participants probably depend on how many are willing to accept the $20 plus meal to participate in the march. The number of people involved doesn't equate to the number of supporters. You have some supporters and you have many participants. Don't confuse the two. Gloria, my maid, told me this morning that some schools have made the classrooms available for the participants to sleep, with pillows and refreshments, thus pretty much causing any classes to be cancelled. Well, that and the fact that the teachers are being paid to participate in the demonstrations too, so the poor kids have had classes cancelled. Tuesday should be interesting. I may take my toothbrush and jammies with me to work. There has been a mix of violent and non-violent demonstrations and you just never know which will happen.

I've had leave approved for Sept. 4-14th since the middle of last month. I keep thinking I'll buy my plane ticket but have been playing Airline Ticket Price Roulette. The price started out at $559 for my round trip from here to Dallas/Fort Worth. Then it went to $589....then $609. My problem is this. If it gets bad here, some of us will be evacuated to WashDC to work at some desk until things normalize. If I buy the ticket, I may be out the price of a ticket...or be issued a voucher. Well, the price went down again $529! If I buy it here at the Continental ticket office, I can avoid some of the taxes so I decided to go today and buy my ticket. I woke up this morning and went online to print out my preferred flights and wouldn't you know it...back to $609. Dayum. I understand that there are so many seats set aside for one price, and when those are sold, the price goes up to the next tier of pricing and when those are gone, it goes up again. So...who knows when the best day is to buy a ticket? Is there a set day when prices are set and more cheap seats are released? There has to be a trick to this. If you know The Trick...please let me know. I really need a break and 10 days at home with family and friends (you know...Macy's, Nordstroms, Kohl's) is just the thing to reset my tolerance meter!!

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