Sunday, June 14, 2009

Father's Day Suggestion

Father's Day is just around the corner. My father is 94 and for years I would try and come up with something special for him. A new sweater. A massager thingy. It was always hard to find something he would enjoy, knowing he already had everything. I then hit on the idea of giving him words from my heart. The first Father's Day Letter was thanking him for things that he did for me when I was young but never knew that a thank you would have been nice. It brought tears to his eyes. The next year, I wrote him about special memories as a child, times he made possible. Times that might not have been special at the time, but now are very special. Last year my annual letter to Dad was about the future. At 93, sometimes it's good to talk about what is still ahead. Like teaching his new grandson to play golf. Or to tell stories about how he ran bootleg when he was a teen. Well, maybe not that. My father has so many stories in his head...I wish he would be better about using the cassette recorder that was given to him to just talk into, recounting the adventures of his life. Years from now, his great grandsons would love to hear their great grandfather's voice. I know I will.
So, if you just don't want to give Dad another tie or bottle of aftershave, sit down at your computer and decide what you want to say to him. It's amazing...once you get started, it's hard to stop. I'm about to write my Father's Day message to my dad, tuck it in a card and mail it to him. He's in Texas, I'm in Honduras. A virtual hug will have to do until I get there later this year.
Love you Dad...Happy Father's Day.


Jane said...

Thats so beautiful and touching a present to give. Thanks very much, now the mascara is running down my cheeks!

Debi said...

Watching him read them did the same thing to me. I think he still has all the letters. Much better than aftershave! :o)

Laurie said...

My father passed away a few years ago, but I still have my mother. I think your gifts to your father are quite wonderful. Isn't it nice in Tegu now that the rains have begun?

Debi said...

I'm so fortunate to still have my father. I can only hope I have some of his wonderful genes. I fell asleep reading this afternoon and awoke to the sound of rain. My garden adores the rainy season...