Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Strange Feelings

I'm preparing to begin a new chapter in my life. Movers arrived last week to take away all the possessions I wanted to keep. The rest were dusted off, priced and readied for my very own Estate Sale. Or, as I referred to it, my Leaving The Country Sale. I had some very difficult decisions to make when deciding what to keep and what I could part with. Some of my mother's things, some of my grandmother's things...some things that I've saved since my adult children were babies. But, since I'll be traveling all over the world, I just couldn't allow my possessions to possess me. And honestly, that's what happens to some of us. We just can't bear to part with something because we feel some kind of responsibility to keep it in our lives. I retained so many things that belonged to my mom and grandmother but I just couldn't keep them all. At my sale yesterday, someone set my daughter's stuffed Eyore and Thumper from approximately 1975on the table to pay for them. I looked at them, picked them up and planted a big kiss on each one. I had to look at the person who was buying them and explain that I wasn't a professional estate sale person, but rather the owner of the house and just what Eyore and Thumper meant to me. They totally understood and promised that they were going to a good home.

I also will deliver my wonderful car, a 2002 Toyota Camry, to the new owner this Saturday. And today I signed all the papers the realtor shoved at me to list my house. It was a strange more excess belongings, soon no more car or house. I'll be a vagabond!! I guess it's all part of working overseas for the government. Most living accomodations are totally furnished and for the next 6 years I won't have to worry about such things. But it's still a strange feeling to know that soon, I'll be without most of the things I've always had. I'm sure I'll make the transistion just fine...especially if my first assignment is someplace really cool!!

But before I embark on that adventure, I have to fly to Kauai on March 10th to see my newly arrived grandsons #2 and #3...twins!! The Boys will be born Wednesday, March after tomorrow!! I can't wait to hold them both in my arms! Leaving them 10 days later will be hard but as long as I keep my eyes to the future, I'll be fine. Six years from now I will retire to Kauai and live near them so they will know who I am for the rest of their lives. I just can't wait!!

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