Monday, March 17, 2008

Life Is About To Get Very Intersting

That's my new motto...and yes, it really is about to get MUCH more interesting! As though suddenly being the grandmother of twins, making it 3 grandchildren, weren't enough, I'm now counting down the days before I leave for Washington DC. I will begin a whole new chapter of my life with a new job, new friends, new challenges and very new home addresses! I only have 3 more days here on Kauai with family and friends and then I head home to Fort Worth. Nine days later, I'm on a plane to DC. It's an odd feeling...I'm living out of 2 suitcases, I no longer have a keychain (think about that one!), no longer own a car and my home of 15 years is up for sale! I feel like I've entered a gypsy phase of my life! But it is sure to be short lived once I get to Washington. I have my apartment arranged and within a couple of weeks of the start of training, I should know where I will be headed for the next 2 years. My biggest hope is that there are no foot long flying bugs!!!

Spending the time with my son, his wife and my 3 grandchildren is just the 'send off' I needed. I will have a home leave every year and plan on coming here, as well as Fort Worth. I have taken hundreds of pictures of the grandkids, knowing that in about a month, they will be obsolete! My son is very good about sending current pictures as well as an occasional DVD with movies. I'll continue to send pictures of me so that the kids will recognize me when I see them again in a year. Time flies so fast and in no time, I'll be making my flight arrangements to return to Kauai!

When I get to Washington, my daughter will be there to greet me. She lives in Maryland and is also in the Foreign Service. How great is it to see both your kids and grandchildren in the same month when they live so far from you. It's wonderful! My daughter was my driving force to apply for the position in the Foreign Service and I will forever be grateful for her input. It was the best advice I've ever gotten!

Both of my kids are my inspiration...I couldn't ask for better kids. Well, maybe my daughter could email me more often but hey...I know she loves me!! My son calls me often and my daughter-in-law has even called me just so I could hear my grandson babble in the back seat of the car as she drove. It doesn't take much to make a grandma happy!

So, as I prepare to leave Kauai in 3 days, I count my children, my grandchildren, my new career, my health, my extended family here on Kauai and the new adventure awaiting me in DC. I'm someone who is never bored and I'm sure that whatever is in store for me in the next 6 years will allow me to be able to continue say the same.

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Todd Alexander said...

Congratulations on the job with the State Dept! I live in the DFW area and am going for the oral assessments at the end of April in DC. If you have time and might be able to give me a little input/some tips on the OA and the process in general, please shoot me an email - metodd1(at)

Thanks and good luck!