Monday, March 31, 2008

An E Ticket Ride

Yesterday, as my plane was approaching Reagan National Airport and I gazed out the window looking at the cherry blossoms, I thought...finally. I'm finally experiencing what I've been waiting months to experience. I'm about to land in DC to begin the next chapter in my life. I found my shuttle and rode to Virginia. After checking into the corporate housing supplied by my new best friend, the Department of State, I was very pleasantly surprised by what will be my home for the next 6-8 weeks. I made contact with another lady here for the same reason and we went to dinner. This morning, there was an informal breakfast/meet and greet and I met several more new government employees. There were 4 that are going to be Diplomatic Security guys...ex marines, ex cop and an ex border patrol officer. The discussion came around to the marine and inevitably, he started talking about how the press never reported the good that was being done in Iraq...the schools that were built, the women who were no longer dressing in burkas, the 7 year old girls who were learning to read for the first time. Confirmation of what I've thought for months. Oh well...I'm getting off the subject.

We discovered we all had so many similar unanswered questions...questions about how long training would be, where we would be sent, just what we would be doing. Hopefully at the end of the day tomorrow, the first day of orientation, some of the questions will be answered. We all knew there will be a ton more unanswered questions to replace them too. Remember, we're dealing with the government here! We all agreed that what we were about to experience was going to be a roller coaster E Ticket ride at Disneyland. (Who of you know what I'm talking about???) And we all want to enjoy it to the max. After all, not everyone gets an opportunity to live out a dream like this. We all want to succeed so badly, to not disappoint ourselves. At the end of this journey we all want to say What a ride!!!

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