Saturday, February 16, 2008

Washington DC and Beyond...Here I Come!

FINALLY!! My new career with the US Department of State begins with the first day of training on March 31, 2008. Where I go from there is still unknown but I'm so up for the excitement of the unknown. Right now I'm up to my eyeballs with trying to organize my belongings for an estate sale, while I decide what to throw away and what to keep and take with me and what to sell. Lots of hard decisions to make. But every day brings me closer to the last day of March, which is good. I leave March 10th for 10 days in Hawaii to spend time with my new twin grandsons (to be born any day now!). Movers will be at my house on the morning of February 27th so I won't have to worry about that while I'm in Hawaii. Hopefully, when I return on the 20th, all I will have to do is tie up loose ends. Oh...and I'm trying to sell my house and my 2002 Camry too!!

Do you think I have enough going on right now???? I do have moments of great yesterday when my 8 month old Toshiba laptop crashed. It's at the Laptop Hospital now and hopefully, it will be a hardware problem, which is covered under warranty. If it's a software issue, does anyone out there want to float me a loan?????

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