Thursday, November 29, 2007

Winding Down 2007 & Still In Limbo

It's the end of November and so much is still up in the air. I'm still waiting on that offer from the State Department. After a slight glitch, which caused the State Dept. to withdraw their offer, I have been reinstated as a potential candidate. Amazing how previous employers can screw up your future long after you no longer answer to them. Accusations are difficult to defend, especially when it's your word against theirs. Apparently, my heartfelt letter along with letters of recommendations from another previous employer convinced them that my version was closer to what happened than that of my previous employer. The bums!

I'm making plans to be with my son and his wife when their twin boys are born in early March, 2008. Seems like just yesterday that I got the news that just blew me away...Mom, do twins run in our family?? They don't, but they do now!! It's 2 more boys for my son and his wife and my son now has his golf foursome! Gavin, their first child and my first grandson, will be about 21 months when The Boys are born. I am now faced with the old Birth Date do I manage to be there when they are born? With my first grandson, I got there a couple of days after he was born. However, this time, the twins will be scheduled sometime in early March and they do elective C-sections on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Wish me luck with American Airlines!

My daughter is settled in Washington DC with her job with the Foreign Service. She's thrilled to be back in the states and doing what she's doing. It's so nice to see your grown kids so happy! I love it...

Well, back to listing things on Ebay (one of the fun things I do). Life is good, even though it seems to be on hold right now. I'm convinced that the best thing for me will occur. If it doesn't include joining the Foreign Service, it will mean other better things are ahead for me...