Sunday, August 19, 2007

Life in August

Life is good....very good. I found out last month that not only am I going to have another grandchild in March, I'm going to have 2 more grandchildren in March! Twins are on the way! There's no history of twins so I guess my son has started something good. We're all so excited and now that makes 2 more reasons to fly to see my 2 new grandchildren when they arrive in early March!

My quest to join the Foreign Service is progressing. The ex-FBI agent has been conducting the background check on me, talking to all ex-employers and co-workers, friends, business references and neighbors. In the meantime, I've been undergoing a bunch of medical tests to make sure I'm a healthy candidate for the job. One more test tomorrow and I'm done and will (hopefully) have a clean bill of health! The deadline for the agent to submit his report is September 2. I guess I just sit tight and wait. Some more. It's just a long process to get a job with Uncle Sam, but well worth it.

Hopefully I'll be saying how good Life in September is soon.

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