Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Date in Washington DC

I finally got the notice I was waiting for. Finally. After making the application back in November, passing the test to be certified in Microsoft Word (it wasn't as easy as you might think) and then waiting, waiting, waiting....I finally have a date for an interview with the Board of Examiners on July 19th. I will finally know if I am going to be offered a position with the Foreign Service. It's in my hands now. There will be an hour long interview by 2 people, one examiner and one current Foreign Service person in the area I'm applying for. There will also be an essay question, one I choose from a list of several. They don't care what I write but how it is written. Knowing how much I enjoy writing, I feel certain I could write about anything. Let's hope the nerves don't kick in too badly. My daughter will be arriving in the Washington DC area around the 8th of July so I will be able to stay with her. She said she'd even drive me to my interview. How cool is that...daughters are so wonderful!

I am also leaving on June 18th for 9 days in Hawaii so that I can be with my son and his wife to celebrate my grandson's first birthday. And what a celebration that will be!! In Hawaii, the first birthday is very special and you have a Baby Luau. I can't wait to see them again. They were here in Fort Worth last December but now, Gavin is walking and babbling so it will be like seeing a totally different little boy. He's sooo cute! See?? What a little ham!! His uncle is a professional photographer so I'm sure I'll have an abundance of wonderful shots of him throughout his life.

Life is good...let's hope it's still good after July 19th. Hopefully, I'll return to Texas to report I've been offered a position with the State Department. If not, Plan B is to find a way to move to Kauai so Gavin can have a second wonderful grandmother around him as he grows up.