Sunday, March 19, 2006

Shifting Gears

After nearly 3 months of an unintentional extended vacation (OK OK...unemployment) I am returning to work on Monday or Tuesday! I've been in healthcare administratrion for the last 16 years and welcomed the opportunity to escape it. I looked everywhere...Pier 1, Alcon, General Dynamics, Bell Helicopter...and it finally happened because someone I interviewed with felt I was so overqualified for her office, but knew of someone else who might be interested in my abilities. I got a phone call, went in to interview, was called back to talk to the president, CEO and Sales Manager and they liked me...they really liked me!!! The nifty thing is that it is so different from what I've done for so many years...I can't wait! I haven't been sitting around on my butt these past 3 months. I've finally gotten into selling stuff...I mean wonderful treasures...on eBay. I've gone through my house and decided some of the things that I've been holding on to for years and years were about to hit the little screen...eBay! I can't believe what is in demand! Of course, I have terrific things on my ID is atex625. Check it out and BID!!! week you won't see me online during the day any more. I'll love it. So will my bank account! Fortunately, my savings account is still intact! Must be because of the great money management skills my mom pounded into my head!

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Anonymous said...

You expect me to believe you supported yourself for three months with that junk? Ever heard of the dollar tree? Well, it has got the same stuff and everything's a dollar!