Friday, March 31, 2006

Side Jobs

I received a comment from someone who read my post about being unemployed and selling things on ebay. They found it hard to believe that I could last 3 months on that income alone. I responded that it may have been due to good money management, as well as the $1000 or so I made on ebay. What I failed to tell this person was that I also started 2 homebased internet businesses. I now deal in Watkins Products as well as Fuller Brush products. Should any of you who read this be interested in buying products from either of these companies, you can online. If you are interested in something from Watkins, log into and when prompted for an associate's number, enter mine, which is 365741. If your interests are more to the Fuller Brush items, go to Using both of these sites will credit me with my commission on whatever you find and just can't live without. And if you haven't seen what these 2 companies have to offer, I highly recommend a visit to their site!

Being unemployed is a blow to your self esteem and your confidence. I chose to not sit around feeling sorry for myself and it paid off. Sure, I'm making less now in my new job, but that's life. I'll work back up to what I was making...and probably more. And if, by some miraculous chance I do end up moving to Hawaii, I'll have 2 established home based business up and running to tide me over until I find a job there. I'm a smart cookie....

My Empire for a Good Crystal Ball Reader!

It's going to be a boy. Gavin. My son is nearly as excited about the birth of his first son as I am and when we talked day before yesterday, I could remember when I was pregnant with him and said the same words. He told me all the body parts that he saw that day on the sonogram, which I couldn't relate to him because 31 years ago, sonograms weren't routine. I sure would have liked to have known the sex of my babies before they were born. Anyway, we're now trying to figure out how I can time my trip to Kauai and be there for the birth of this wonderful little child. He is due June 22nd, but we figure he will be late. My daughter was 2 weeks late and my son was a week early. I'll probably leave around June 28th and stay 2 weeks. If that baby doesn't come soon after I arrive, I'll make Nicole scrub floors. When my mother was 3 weeks late with my brother, her doctor told her to get on her hands and knees and scrub the floors. My brother was born the next day and all the floors were sparkling clean! I'd hate it if I had to leave before he was born and miss it by a day or 2. I'd just have to go back...

Arrgghhhh....where's a good crystal ball reader when you need one!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Shifting Gears

After nearly 3 months of an unintentional extended vacation (OK OK...unemployment) I am returning to work on Monday or Tuesday! I've been in healthcare administratrion for the last 16 years and welcomed the opportunity to escape it. I looked everywhere...Pier 1, Alcon, General Dynamics, Bell Helicopter...and it finally happened because someone I interviewed with felt I was so overqualified for her office, but knew of someone else who might be interested in my abilities. I got a phone call, went in to interview, was called back to talk to the president, CEO and Sales Manager and they liked me...they really liked me!!! The nifty thing is that it is so different from what I've done for so many years...I can't wait! I haven't been sitting around on my butt these past 3 months. I've finally gotten into selling stuff...I mean wonderful treasures...on eBay. I've gone through my house and decided some of the things that I've been holding on to for years and years were about to hit the little screen...eBay! I can't believe what is in demand! Of course, I have terrific things on my ID is atex625. Check it out and BID!!! week you won't see me online during the day any more. I'll love it. So will my bank account! Fortunately, my savings account is still intact! Must be because of the great money management skills my mom pounded into my head!