Monday, July 03, 2006

It's Me, Yaya...

Yaya. Translated from Greek, it means "Grandmother." That's what I am now...a grandmother. My new grandson will call me Yaya once he starts talking and catching on to the 'everyone and everything has a name' game. I can't wait for the day when I hear him call to me for the first time. I worry, however, that it may take a while. If I'm living away from him, it will be up to my son and his wife to keep the image of Yaya alive for him. Texas is a long way from Kauai and I don't know how often I'll be able to visit. Moving here would be fantastic, if I could find a way to swing it.

So, until then, my first grandson will have to rely on his mommy and daddy to talk about me, how much I love him and that I can't wait to see him again.

Getting on the airplane in 9 days to return to Texas is going to be very hard.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

It's A Boy!!

Gavin Kauwela Galchutt
June 21, 2006
6:36 AM
9 lb. 2 oz
22" long

My first grandson and a joy to his new Mommy and Daddy (my son) and huge family in Hawaii. Being born on the first day of summer and to honor his large extended Hawaiian family, he was given a Hawaiian middle name. Kauwela means summer solstice, or the first day of summer. He has a wonderful life ahead of him with so many who are already so in love with him. I leave tomorrow (6/26/06) to fly to Kauai to spend 2 weeks holding, loving and getting to know my #1 Grandson. If I could only make time stand still for the next 2 weeks....

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

You're Welcome, dammit!

Did I miss the memo?? Can someone tell me when I was supposed to stop saying "You're welcome" and begin saying "No problem?" If I thank someone for something, it sure isn't because they caused me a problem. Saying "Thank you" is a way of expressing gratitude for something someone did for you. Responding that it was not a problem is NOT appropriate!! I doubt I would be thanking someone for a problem!! Could we all try to get back to saying "You're welcome" and stop this stupid "no problem" response?? Thankyouverymuch. (no one better be saying noooo problem!)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

For Once, Just a Few Words

"America....Land of the Free, Home of the Brave." You know, there's a version I like better...

"America....Land of the Free, Because of the Brave."

God Bless our troops.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Another List of 5ive Things

I've done a lot of thinking about this immigration, illegal that is, thing. I tend to try to think things through before I go shooting off my mouth about something. I have had a little experience with living in a foreign country and that fact has made it a bit easier for me to say what I'm about to say.

In 1961, my family moved to Mexico City. It was quite a change to my life, going from a very small place in southern California (Coronado) to a gigantic city like Mexico City. We immediately set about to learn the language, learn the culture, respect the traditions of the country we chose to live in. In 6 months, my brother and I were both bilingual. We were well liked, as were my parents. The day that John F. Kennedy was assasinated, our Mexican friends were coming to our home to express their sorrow at our loss. We had endeared ourselves to the friends we had met. I tell you this because I'm sick of the crap that is going on in my country by those who demand that we forgive that they broke the law. That we turn the other way and allow my country to become just a plot of land for anyone to come and take what they want, with no consequence to having broken the law in the first place. I've heard the "We are all immigrants!!!" line one time too many. Someone add LEGAL in front of immigrants!! My father immigrated from Greece with his mother, fleeing a war in his country, when he was 6 years old. His mother played by the rules. They both became naturalized American citizens. What has changed???? Have we become so dependent on illegal immigrant/aliens because we can pay them so little (under the table) that we can't afford to NOT let them dictate the conditions upon which they can stay? The argument that no Americans will take some of the jobs that illegals hold is a crock.

Our country is suffering. We have hispanics (and a few others, but predominately hispanics) marching in the streets waving their flag and, after some bad press, now wave the American flag too. Good recovery. Am I the only one who feels that the government has done too little to fix this? President Vicente Fox of Mexico refuses to even acknowlege that there is a problem of illegals crossing our borders. Its been reported that there are even informational pamphlets for those considering fleeing to the US, showing where water is, where help is and how to survive the trip.

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against the people of Mexico. What I do object to is a group of people trying to take it upon themselves to make changes to the rules through force. Play by the rules. Welcome to America. If you think the way to accomplish what you want is to intimidate and make demands, think again. If I break the law, I will go to jail. I doubt I'd have much luck changing the law to keep me from going to jail. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Is that so hard??

So, here is my List of 5ive things anyone contemplating coming to America needs to do.

  1. Do the paperwork...legally, not conterfeit. Unfortunately, it includes paying taxes and supporting your new country.
  2. Learn our laws. Pronto. Remember, you are no longer in your home country, but your new chosen country.
  3. Learn to speak the language of the United States of America...English. Don't just rely on your young children to act as interpreters for you.
  4. Get a job. Become a productive member of society.
  5. Serve in one of your new country's armed services...they are the best in the world.

Respect this country and realize that living here is a privilege, not a given right. The freedoms and benefits you will enjoy here are worth it.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Side Jobs

I received a comment from someone who read my post about being unemployed and selling things on ebay. They found it hard to believe that I could last 3 months on that income alone. I responded that it may have been due to good money management, as well as the $1000 or so I made on ebay. What I failed to tell this person was that I also started 2 homebased internet businesses. I now deal in Watkins Products as well as Fuller Brush products. Should any of you who read this be interested in buying products from either of these companies, you can online. If you are interested in something from Watkins, log into and when prompted for an associate's number, enter mine, which is 365741. If your interests are more to the Fuller Brush items, go to Using both of these sites will credit me with my commission on whatever you find and just can't live without. And if you haven't seen what these 2 companies have to offer, I highly recommend a visit to their site!

Being unemployed is a blow to your self esteem and your confidence. I chose to not sit around feeling sorry for myself and it paid off. Sure, I'm making less now in my new job, but that's life. I'll work back up to what I was making...and probably more. And if, by some miraculous chance I do end up moving to Hawaii, I'll have 2 established home based business up and running to tide me over until I find a job there. I'm a smart cookie....

My Empire for a Good Crystal Ball Reader!

It's going to be a boy. Gavin. My son is nearly as excited about the birth of his first son as I am and when we talked day before yesterday, I could remember when I was pregnant with him and said the same words. He told me all the body parts that he saw that day on the sonogram, which I couldn't relate to him because 31 years ago, sonograms weren't routine. I sure would have liked to have known the sex of my babies before they were born. Anyway, we're now trying to figure out how I can time my trip to Kauai and be there for the birth of this wonderful little child. He is due June 22nd, but we figure he will be late. My daughter was 2 weeks late and my son was a week early. I'll probably leave around June 28th and stay 2 weeks. If that baby doesn't come soon after I arrive, I'll make Nicole scrub floors. When my mother was 3 weeks late with my brother, her doctor told her to get on her hands and knees and scrub the floors. My brother was born the next day and all the floors were sparkling clean! I'd hate it if I had to leave before he was born and miss it by a day or 2. I'd just have to go back...

Arrgghhhh....where's a good crystal ball reader when you need one!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Shifting Gears

After nearly 3 months of an unintentional extended vacation (OK OK...unemployment) I am returning to work on Monday or Tuesday! I've been in healthcare administratrion for the last 16 years and welcomed the opportunity to escape it. I looked everywhere...Pier 1, Alcon, General Dynamics, Bell Helicopter...and it finally happened because someone I interviewed with felt I was so overqualified for her office, but knew of someone else who might be interested in my abilities. I got a phone call, went in to interview, was called back to talk to the president, CEO and Sales Manager and they liked me...they really liked me!!! The nifty thing is that it is so different from what I've done for so many years...I can't wait! I haven't been sitting around on my butt these past 3 months. I've finally gotten into selling stuff...I mean wonderful treasures...on eBay. I've gone through my house and decided some of the things that I've been holding on to for years and years were about to hit the little screen...eBay! I can't believe what is in demand! Of course, I have terrific things on my ID is atex625. Check it out and BID!!! week you won't see me online during the day any more. I'll love it. So will my bank account! Fortunately, my savings account is still intact! Must be because of the great money management skills my mom pounded into my head!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

National Enquirer Mentality Is Alive

I guess I'll never understand politics. Or rather, the stupid press. OK, Vice President Cheney shares in the responsibility of the unfortunate hunting accident. But it was an ACCIDENT, for pete's sake. His hunting buddy should have announced himself before he walked in the line of fire and was peppered with birdshot. I'm astounded at the line of questioning the press corps chose to use. Questions such as "Does the Vice President plan on announcing his resignation over this?" "Why weren't we notified immediately?" A sound bite on Sean Hannity's radio show was more evidence that the press is doing its best to make this as big a deal as they can. The words "The Vice President has shot someone" and "Cheney pulled the trigger" and other headline-grabbing phrases were repeated over and over. That's National Enquirer type of stuff!! And we all know how that rag ALWAYS reports the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Not.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Back to Reality

Well, my son's wedding on December 17th was wonderful and now he is a husband to a most wonderful lady and will, in June, become the proud father of a baby boy. Boy, does he have a lot of adjusting to do! He and Nicole are so happy. I really wish I was still there, enjoying Kauai, the sun, the beaches, the sheer beauty of it all. Oh yes, and also my son and his new wife! I need to figure out just how I can be there 9 months of the year and make an appearance at a job here the other 3 months. I don't think that's too tall an order, do you? Surely there's an employer out there that would agree to that kind of schedule. I'm not that far from retirement, so maybe I should be making plans now to relocate. Or...maybe a wonderful guy will fall in love with me and we can both retire to the Garden Isle of Hawaii! What a plan...

So, here I am, back in Texas, still basking in the glow of my 2 weeks on Kauai. The morning after Christmas, however, really brought me back to reality. I lost my job. I believe that all things happen for a reason, even though we can't see it while it's happening. I wish my previous employers much success and happiness. I'll move on and find something wonderful, I'm sure. It's no fun, I'll admit, to look for a good job. At my age, entry level is out of the question and finding something even close to what I was making is proving to be quite a task. However, I'm sure I'll find something...or something will find me! In the meantime, I'm hanging shelving (and some sheetrock!), reorganizing closets and generally doing things I wished I had time to do a month ago. I'm also working at my second 'fun' job, The Container Store. They have been wonderful about giving me hours to work, but unfortunately, I still need that full time good paying job.

I remain optomistic...