Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Just Another 48 Hours

I have just 48 hours left in my vacation on Kauai. Touchdown occurs back in Texas Wednesday morning early. It's going to be quite a flight. I leave here at 2:45pm Wednesday and arrive at DFW at 5:20am Thursday. I'll be a walking zombie!

This trip has been a very special one. Not only did I enjoy seeing my son again, but I also had the wonderful pleasure of meeting his fiance and her family. And what a terrific family she has! They have made me feel so welcome! You always want your kids to fall in love with a wonderful person and be happy. My son has not only fallen love with a delightful lady, but as a bonus, she is part of a very close, loving family. What more could a mom ask for?

One good thing about returning home is that my daughter will be arriving on July 16th to spend about a month and a half with me. She's getting ready to go to Tokyo for 2 years with her job and the visit will be great. I'm planning a trip to see her there sometime early next year...maybe early summer.

So, on this Independence Day 2005, I begin to think about reentering the 'real' world of work, housework, grocery shopping and all the other things I've escaped from for the past 2 weeks. I have missed my cat, Brandy and it will be wonderful to see her again!

So, until I return to Kauai in December for Bobby and Nicole's wedding...Aloha!

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