Thursday, July 14, 2005

What Will Stop Them?

There are so many expletives one could use to describe the kind of person who would blow up a bus, blow up an underground train and, lest we forget, fly themself and hundreds of other people into a building. As I watched the horror in London this past week, many names went through my mind that I wanted to call these animals. I finally decided that there was no word bad enough to use. Even the worst thing I could call these people was too good for them. Think about it and let me know if you come up with something that fits.

My heart went out to all the people who were killed or injured because of the moronic action of a few creeps. But this event served as a reminder that it's not just Americans that these people hate, it's all of humanity. They hate men. They hate women. They hate children. Americans, British, Australians, Japanese. As long as you don't subscribe to their way of thinking, you are on their hit list. That's why, no matter what political party you side with, what religion you are or how you feel about the value of human life, these people must be stopped. Doing nothing will only serve to give them more freedom to move about and carry out their terror and slaughter of innocent people. My President has taken a strong stand on this. He will NOT back down until they are stopped. He will NOT sit back and do nothing so that my children's children will still be dealing with maniacal murderers in years to come. God Bless Tony Blair for not backing down to this group of murderers.

This is an odd war. It's a shame the 2 political parties in our country are so divided in realizing what should be done. I'm tired of hearing that we shouldn't be in Iraq, that we went there for oil, that it's a war we will never win or any of the other arguments promotes. Our forefathers fought for freedom and to back down to the kind of threat we face today would be the same as saying "OK murderers, come and get us because we're going to just turn the other way. Do what you will to others as long as you don't bother me."

I realize these animals are in our country and have been planning attacks for years. That scares me. But if we let down our guard and pull out of this offense, they will move on with their plans with more assurance, more ease. I want them to fear the American people, fear our President, fear what we may do to them. They don't understand reason, right and wrong or believe we should live. They just love the thought of eliminating us, little by little, and without the opposition we are showing now, they will just keep on spreading and multiplying.

America has always been the country to embrace immigrants. My father, at age 5, immigrated to America from Greece with his mother and uncle. They were fleeing from their homeland that was experiencing war. I'm proud of my heritage and glad my grandmother and great uncle made that dangerous trip with my father. However, in these days of terrorism I can't dispute the notion that we must tighten our borders and do whatever is necessary to regain control of who comes across our borders and, more importantly, who gets turned away. I know that's a tall order, but we must support whatever plan is devised and hope it helps. It's not going to be the cure all but it sure will help.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Just Another 48 Hours

I have just 48 hours left in my vacation on Kauai. Touchdown occurs back in Texas Wednesday morning early. It's going to be quite a flight. I leave here at 2:45pm Wednesday and arrive at DFW at 5:20am Thursday. I'll be a walking zombie!

This trip has been a very special one. Not only did I enjoy seeing my son again, but I also had the wonderful pleasure of meeting his fiance and her family. And what a terrific family she has! They have made me feel so welcome! You always want your kids to fall in love with a wonderful person and be happy. My son has not only fallen love with a delightful lady, but as a bonus, she is part of a very close, loving family. What more could a mom ask for?

One good thing about returning home is that my daughter will be arriving on July 16th to spend about a month and a half with me. She's getting ready to go to Tokyo for 2 years with her job and the visit will be great. I'm planning a trip to see her there sometime early next year...maybe early summer.

So, on this Independence Day 2005, I begin to think about reentering the 'real' world of work, housework, grocery shopping and all the other things I've escaped from for the past 2 weeks. I have missed my cat, Brandy and it will be wonderful to see her again!

So, until I return to Kauai in December for Bobby and Nicole's wedding...Aloha!