Saturday, June 11, 2005

Insanity in Local Government

I just don't understand why the government, whether it be local, state or national, must insert itself where it shouldn't. It is being reported that Massachusetts is about to pass a law against spanking your child. That means, if your kid is throwing a fit in the grocery store and you've given him or her that stern look 15 times and finally, to get his or her attention, you swat their butt, watch out! Be ready for a tap on the shoulder and a pair of nice shiney bracelets! And a police escort and most likely, your kid being placed in protective custody, or worse, foster care. Absurd, I say. Yes, there are bad parents out there, but there are more parents who feel it is appropriate to discipline their child in the manner they deem necessary. Of course, if someone sees a child whose parent has obviously lost control and is abusing the child, they should intervene. But if there is a law on the books, laying a hand on that child could land you in jail.

I sure hope I've misunderstood this law. Don't get me wrong, I do NOT endorse giving people the freedom to abuse their kids. I just don't think this is something the government needs to be involved in. How about we stop returning kids to their parents when there is a history of abuse? How about having more personnel to check out foster parents better. There are so many better ways of dealing with this other than having a law on the books prohibiting spanking.

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