Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Day 4 in Paradise

Let me see...where does one begin to describe Paradise? The picture here is the sunset on the day I arrived taken from the property where my son's future mother and father-in-law live. The company is wonderful, the scenery is wonderful, the food is wonderful...and let me tell you about the shopping!!!

I'm here to visit my son. And since he recently became engaged, I am here to meet my future daughter-in-law and her family. Nicole is wonderful and so are her parents, who have graciously welcomed me and are letting me stay with them. I am so blessed that my son fell in love with such a lovely young lady and doubly blessed that she has such a terrific family! The wedding planning begins tonight with a picnic dinner at the beach with someone who is a pro at planning weddings. I'm afraid that after tonight, we'll all have jobs assigned to us!

Well, that's it for now. Nine more days and I'll have to return to the real world. Rats.

More later...

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