Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Prince and The P

I looks like I forgot to finish a word in the title. I'm not talking about a young boy and a prince who trade places in a story we probably all read as a child. I'm talking about the Prince of music...Michael "Zip It" Jackson. I hope I can get through this without losing it entirely and using language I really shouldn't in a public blog. I'll give it my best shot.

What the hell were these mothers thinking when they testified that Jacko is "a very special person," (Joy Robson, mother of one child who was allowed to sleep with MJ and also recieved some serious dollars from him is to have said) and "I trusted him implicitly. He's a very nice person. You just know when you can trust someone," gushed Marie Lisbeth Barnes, who allowed her son to travel the world with MJ on a tour. (I know...long sentence. Sorry.)

Were these women born yesterday or has the sparkle of the golden goose (pun intended) dimmed whatever common sense they may (or may not) have had? I asked myself if I could have ever done this and the answer is HELL NO...not even for the millions of dollars that now probably pad their bank accounts. In a time when so many children are molested and the jails are filled to capacity with pedofiles and molestors, you can't tell me that these women weren't just "pimping' their sons. There is no way they could have seen this as innocent milk and cookies at bedtime. Wine and cookies, maybe. And a movie or 2.

There are people who should never have kids. (I changed that from "should not be allowed" to head off a flurry of comments.) I have no idea how we detect them, but I do know something. I'm tired of reading how children were locked in a closet for the entire 9 years of their life with a leash. I'm tired of Mom turning the other way when she knows her boyfriend is molesting her daughter or son. I am sick and tired of creeps doing irreparable damage to children by their horrendous actions against them.

There are too many who are released due to the overcrowding of prisons. Or that never do time due to a technicality. (Oh...don't get me started on our judicial system!) There is a website in Texas where you can look up convicted child molesters. It gives their name, picture, address, the crime they commited and the child's age. You merely put in your zip code and it then tells you those who lives in your area. Or on your street. Or in your apartment building. If you live in Texas and want to check out your neighborhood, the address is If you have kids, it is your responsibility to do whatever you can to keep them safe. I don't advocate taking any action whatsoever, but I do think knowing someone is there will help.

(All words in quotes except my own "Zip It" were quoted from the Fort Worth Star Telegram, May 22, 2005)

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